Define Workplace Learning in the context of the legal industry. What are some areas you focus on?

Workplace learning in context of the legal industry is all about how well lawyers understand and apply the law that they learn in law school. The on-the-job training enables them to learn from each other’s experiences, watch and learn from their seniors, their clients and from every transaction they are…

Why do moments matter?

Because, “Moments snowball their way to shape experience.”

Imagine planning a vacation for a long time. Before sitting in the airplane itself, you have mentally visited that place multiple times. Let’s say you face some issues while boarding the airplane. Then, as soon as you land…

Give us an overview of workplace learning in India.

This crisis has accelerated digital transformation, forcing both organizations and individuals on the adoption curve, enabling deeper digitization than we could have ever imagined in the last 5 years. Digital is now the nucleus to everything, from connecting & collaborating with colleagues to learning and capability building.

Learnings methodologies have…


BHyve is the Gamified Peer Learning platfom. We use AI and Gamification to help companies have happier, more skilled and more engaged employees

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